Rich Inquiry

We are part of a global community called New Pedagogies for Deep Learning or NPDL.  As part of this we aspire to equip our students with the following global competencies:
* Character
* Communication
* Collaboration
* Critical thinking
* Creativity
* Citizenship.
You may hear us referring to these important skill sets as the 6Cs.
As part of our commitment to offering our students rich learning experiences we focus on four important areas in our planning:
* Learning partnerships
* Learning environments
* New pedagogies
* Leveraging digital
Our junior classrooms offer students opportunities for play. Play provides an environment in which the 6Cs can develop.
As students progress within our school they are involved in more extended real world inquiries.
Find out more about NPDL by visiting the NPDL Global Website.  

Ask questions
Find answers
Learn by doing
Talk about your ideas
Ask more questions
Listen look learn
Touch and try
Work with others
Learn from others
Go online
Go out exploring in the community
Use digital technology
Make something
Change something
Create and evaluate
Share your learning with others
Learn to learn
Learn to work with others
Take action