Home and School Partnership

When home and school work closely together, students have the best chance of succeeding with their learning.  By keeping in contact with classroom teachers, reading weekly newsletters and attending meetings parents can feel confident in supporting their child's learning at home.


Parent Helpers

Voluntary parent helpers are required for camps, excursions and special activities.  Some parents help in the classroom regularly or assist with making or organizing resources.  If you would like to be involved please let your child's class teacher know.  We really appreciate your contribution.



BOT stands for Board of Trustees.  This group includes our principal, an elected staff representative and a number of elected parent representatives.  The BOT provides governance for our school.








SOKs stands for "Supporting our Kids."  This social and energetic group takes an active role in supporting teachers in the classrooms, as well as being our main fundraising body.


SOKs organize a school fair every second year.  Each class has a designated representative on the SOKs committee.

Logan Millar
(Board Chairperson)

Shane Livingstone

David Crossan (Finance)


Kirsten Adams (Personnel)

Andrew Ede
(Staff Rep.)