Packed Lunch

* We aim to be a rubbish free school.

* Ideally we want children to bring "nude" lunches.  This means food is in reusable containers rather than packets and cling wrap.

* Please label packets (e.g. chips) with your child's name and class number.  This allows us to track rubbish in the playground back to the student responsible.

* At 10.00 am each day all classes have a brain break.  This is the chance for students to have a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable.

* Morning tea is at 11am and lunch time is 1.20pm.

Lunch Orders

* On Tuesday Subway can be ordered online at and it will be delivered to the school.

* On Friday "Kumi's Sushi at Highlands" can be ordered.  $6 for 6 pieces or $7 for 8 pieces. Options : Vegetarian, Teriyaki Chicken or Tuna & Mayo.

* Please put the correct change in an envelope clearly labelled with your child's name, class number and details of their order.  Place this into the "purple bag" in class before school.

* Senior students deliver lunch orders to classes at lunch time.

Fresh Strawberries
Vegan Sandwich
Sushi Cones