Packed Lunch


* We aim to be a rubbish free school.

* Ideally we want children to bring "nude" lunches.  This means food is in reusable containers rather than packets and cling wrap.

* Please label packets (e.g. chips) with your child's name and class number.  This allows us to track rubbish in the playground back to the student responsible.

* At 10.00 am each day all classes have a brain break.  This is the chance for students to have a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable.

* Morning tea is at 11am and lunch time is 1.20pm.


Lunch Orders


* On Tuesday Subway can be ordered online using the following link - Subway and it will be delivered to the school.

* On Friday "Kumi's Sushi at Highlands" can be ordered.  $6 for 6 pieces or $7 for 8 pieces. Options : Vegetarian, Teriyaki Chicken or Tuna & Mayo.

* Please use the link Kumi's Sushi at Highlands to order before 9am on a Friday.

* Senior students deliver lunch orders to classes at lunch time.  



Fresh Strawberries
Vegan Sandwich
Sushi Cones