Enrolment Scheme

The Ministry of Education has required us to have an enrolment scheme.  Children living within our zone have an automatic right to enrol at our school.  Those living outside the zone must apply for enrolment.


New Enrolments

Enrolment packs are also available from the school office.



Our Principal Wendy Brooks leads an enthusiastic team of teachers.  The team Leaders are Danella Smallridge (Hārewa), Rachel Peters (Kārearea) and Louise Haig & Jayne Fitzgerald (Ako)


Hārewa Team (Juniors Year 0 - Year 2)

Hārewa 1: Olivia Buckner Year 1/2

Hārewa 2: Danella Smallridge Year 2

Hārewa 3: Katharine Grigor Year 2

Hārewa 4: Hannah Fitzgerald Year 0

Hārewa 5: Cheryl Stuart/Hayley Joyce Year 0

Kārearea Team (Middle Team Years 3-4)

Kārearea 1:  Rachel Peters Years 3/4

Kārearea 2: Claire Lincoln Years 3/4

Kārearea 3: Shona Hamilton Years 3/4

Kārearea 4: Belinda Thomlinson Years 3/4

Kārearea 5: Barbara Caughey Year 2/3

Ako Team (Senior Team Year 5 & 6)

Ako : Louise Haig, Jayne Fitzgerald, Andrew Ede & Sarah Luke.


Tegan Wilson is our school administrator with Amber Nepe as school secretary and Robyn Bisset assistant office administrator.  Dave Ellis is our Caretaker.  We employ teacher aides: Sue Collins, Kate McFadgen, Rachel Anderson, Emma Everett, Emma Whitworth, Linda Bell and Amelia Mulligan.  In addition, a number of part-time teachers help us provide top quality education across the school: Cath McLellan, Erin Hall, Christina Crossan, Jen Chamberlain, Karen Huffadine, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Karyn Meechang, Nicole Fraser and Julie McGregor.


Learning support

A variety of programmes are run across the school to meet individual learning needs. Many provide customized individual or small group help with specific learning objectives. In addition, extension programmes are offered to our very able learners.


Reporting to parents

New entrants receive an interim report after 6-8 weeks of school.  Profiles are completed for all pupils twice a year.  If you would like to make a meeting with your child's class teacher to find out more about their needs and progress you can do so via the office.  Goal Setting Meetings and Students led conferences/goal setting are also held twice per year.

Important Documents & Links

National Administrative Guidelines


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